Monday, November 9, 2015

The Gift of the Magi or Bros Over Shit You Don't Need

Are you familiar with the story "Gift of the Magi"?  I received it as a child for Christmas. Essentially two siblings give away their most prize possessions to be able to give their sibling a gift. The sister cuts offer her floor length ginger hair and sells it to a wig maker. She buys her bro a gold chain for his pocket watch. Welp, problem is, big bro sold the watch to to buy his little sis gold hair combs.

They hug and cry and learn that the true gift of Christmas is the opportunity to give. AWWWWW!

I was reminded of this story today. I emailed my brother to ask him to borrow his Star Wars dvd's cuz he is the definition of a fanatic. He saw the films in the theaters and there is a dope childhood picture of him in storm trooper mask. He tells me, no can do because they were stolen along with a light saber that he has had for as long as I can remember.

Filled with rage I rush to google to find the cheapest box set. Justice must be served!

I had plans for that money. My promotional photoshoot is coming up for my line. I was planning to purchase some lux hair extensions for myself. I want to look ethereal and elegant on the "about page"of my upcoming website. Like Lauryn Hill meets Diana Ross. But some things in life are more important.

This process has been stressful. I doubt myself a lot, but you know who doesn't doubt me? My brother  ( actually my whole family is supportive, but we are talking about him now). He believes that I can build this business and grow it. He believes in my talent. True he's a boy and doesn't understand the magic of hair extensions and other such fashionable witchcraft. He also at one time possessed the most epic afro I have ever seen in my life and doesn't know the struggle, but love is where we must place our faith and energies. So I bought the dvd's. As the holiday's approach we must remember the important things: family and the force.

And in case you are wondering I AM WATCHING THEM FIRST. I'm generous, but I'm not an idiot.

Dealing With The Tenants

There are two people that live in my head. One is a lazy procrastinatin' son of a bitch. She is always trying to do things tomorrow: work out tomorrow, clean up tomorrow. She is subleasing a room in the penthouse apartment in my brain from another chick. This girl is type A. She need everything done yesterday. There is never enough time for her and nothing is ever good enough. Obviously she owns the penthouse and while she doesn't need a roommate, she rents out the room to the other chick because she is a penny pinching miser.

These two people in my head are why life is hard for me. Building this business I am always balancing between doing it tomorrow or beating myself  up for not doing it yesterday. To combat these negative thoughts I goal myself to do one thing a day. For me, the hardest part is getting started. I love this so much that once I get started I can work all day. That's how I know I am on the right path. I believe that if I learn consistency, I will achieve success.