Thursday, November 24, 2016

Your Network is your Net Worth: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

In my effort to network, I have met some really cool people building their businesses. I am inspired by not only their hustle, but by the quality of their products. As the holiday season approaches, please support local small business owners. When you do, you are funding dreams. Choosing from my picks below can help you be the fairy godparents of a member of your community.

Got a little person in you life who loves to read? Check out the new book by Jeffery Cheatham II “ Why Is Jane Mad?”. I bought it for my three year old nephew and he loves it.

Any older readers in your life? Royal Family Publication has some great fiction stories to choose from, while Zackery Max Driver's Autobiography "344317" is a non fiction selection.

Asha Means Life  designs African inspired throw pillows. I also love the candles from Stay Lit. They are upcycled wine glasses!

 For my fashion inspired picks I recommend the lipsticks of Shie by Shakira and A.O. Hammer's handbags.


 Are you ready for the holiday? Who in your life would like these products?

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Showtime at Washington Hall

Yesterday I went to a pitch competition for Seattle Start up week. Billed as a blend of  amateur night at the Apollo and Shark Tank, Showtime at Washington Hall featured a happy hour, live dj, podcasters Hella Black Hella Seattle as hosts and 5 black entrepreneurs from all over the world. At a pitch competition entrepreneurs get the opportunity to describe their business and investors provide cash prizes to the best business.  It’s a great way to fund your venture and create buzz about your  upcoming projects. In addition to being a cool scene, I was inspired and learned a lot.  I am not creating some  future “unicorn”  status app, but one thing I think fashion companies lack is business knowledge. In a room with investors  you need to be able to show that you know what is going on with your business. Here are some questions I wrote down that I am going to add into my business plan:

Who is your Target Market? How big is that market?
How did you determine your pricing?
What is your exit strategy?
What is your proof of concept?
How will you reach your target market?
Where will your company be in a year?
How are you going to use the money you are asking for?
How will you build your team?

Seeing  people that look like you, making moves is always inspiring. I also got the opportunity to learn something as well. Not bad for a Wednesday night. I will attend other events for Seattle Start Up Week to connect with business people of color. What are you learning that will help you move forward with your dreams?

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Pantsuit Nation Under a lot of Stress

As an American, I have experienced an array of emotions during this last election. My friends abroad tell me that the entire world thinks the US has lost it's mind and I won't disagree. The news feels more like a reunion episode of Love and Hip Hop everyday. I am saddened as more of my peers, friends and family feel disengaged in the political process. I wish we were doing more listening and reasoning. I wish there was less violence.

The only high point is the movement around Pantsuits. I'm no Olivia Pope, but I look damn good in a blazer.

I have no idea what will happen in the next few hours but I hope to see more community. If I can't find it I will remember my ancestors and make it.  I found a few awesome people expressing themselves today and will be going out to find more. Enjoy!





Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween is coming sooner every year.

Man! When I tell you that  Halloween snuck up on me this year, it sure did! I am pretty ruthless with people that are surprised by events that happen on the same day every year. Maybe this was my punishment, for my lack of empathy all those years ? Instead of the Prince costume that I was working on, I grabbed a red dress out of my closet and found some fake blood from the year before.

All in all it was a chill Halloween.  I went to a friend's show. Her band Noddy was opening up for Adore Delano of Ru Paul's Drag Race fame.

It was was super cool and I saw some awesome costumes. Don't call me old, because I was snug in bed at 1am. There are 52 weekends in a year. I have ample opportunity to turn up. I earned my turn in. 

What did you wear for Halloween?